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Individual/Individual Primes D:1

situation room 03 by Rondade

10 Nov. 2020—21 Nov. 2020

Alternative Space The White #205,Tokyo




この視点の欲求へと至る思考を素数的に解体、拡張しようとする試みindividual Primes D:1であり、多視点性や不確かさを捉え直し再構成することで見るという行為のリアリズムを模索する。


I use photographs to collectively explore the sensations brought about by the act of looking at a space and the ways in which the act of looking at the space settles and renews the sensations, and then re-irradiate the space (including the relationship between books, products, participants and audience).


 Seeing is a link in the consciousness of passing perspective and space.


The "individual" (the "individual" as an independent entity) is what he calls his method of capturing the topological consciousness of the "individual" that exists beyond a certain viewpoint and is visualized as a larger "individual" by integrating the consciousness of the "individual" in the flowing viewpoint, and it is a viewpoint from which the super-subjective and super-overlooked perspectives are visualized in the same way by reconnecting only the center of the visualized entity and the perspective disappears.


 Individual primes d:1 is an attempt to dismantle and expand the thoughts that lead to the desire for this perspective in a prime numbered manner, and seeks the realism of the act of seeing by recapturing and reconstructing multiple perspectives and uncertainty.

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