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Born 1993. Lived and worked in Japan, Now in Germany. At Tama Art University, Masafumi Tsuji study primarily film and video in classes led by Shinji Aoyama and Takashi Ishida. Starting with photography as a practice for filmmaking, Masafumi engaged in various activities such as experimental presentations using actual spaces, collaboration with architects, and designing exhibitions and pop-up spaces. Through research on Imaginary Lines and montage theory, they conduct experimental attempts on the representation of images in publishing, collaborating with various designers and architecture publication & photos within Japan.

[Solo exhibition]
2020 ‘Individual Primes D:1’, alternative space the white, Tokyo
2021 ‘Measurements’, Okurayama memorial hall gallery, Yokohama Group exhibition
2021 ‘sub-culture’, Iseeall, Osaka
2021 ‘sub-culture ll’, R for D, Tokyo
2023 ‘IDÉE/(new) service shop’, IDÉE, Tokyo

[Project unit]
2024– The Sitcoms (with Hirotaka Sugisaki/Architect)

2020 Masafumi Tsuji ‘Individual’
2020 Masafumi Tsuji ‘Individual Primes D:1’
2021 Rondade ‘NEW FOLKS 012021/Tomoo Nishidate’
2022 Chiba City Museum ‘(new) service’
2022 fattail ‘A little bit about african fattailed gecko’
2023 mtka architects ‘Language: The documantation of WOTA office projects’
2023 Hirotaka Sugisaki ‘Everything is Repeating’
2023 Claudia Schmitz ‘Invisyllables’
2024 Shinkenchikusha ‘KKD/JUTAKU TOKUSHU’

2017 Bachelor of Art Associated in film studie from Faculty of Imaginative Art and Design TAMA Art University, Tokyo, Japan

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